Welcome to the Nursing and Allied Health Professional Group.

Working with an ERAS program is a multidisciplinary challenge to improve the standard of care. It requires extensive knowledge of the research evidence and care principles, as well as the organisational changes required to make ERAS programs function in clinical practice.

The purpose of this Nursing and Allied Health Professional Group is to have an International “bank of knowledge” for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals interested in ERAS, and to create a network for inspiration and knowledge sharing.

Knowledge sharing will take place at this website, where there will be:

  • Examples of patient information
  • A list of publications with articles for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
  • Inspiration for organisational changes
  • A list of names and contact details of the members of the ERAS Nursing group



Angie Balfour, ERAS Nursing Specialist, Scotland

Email: Angie.Balfour@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk

Telephone: +44 7896 293201

Tom Wainwright, Associate Professor in Orthopaedics, U.K.

Email: twainwright@bournemouth.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 1202961656

Steering Committee

Debbie Watson (Canada)

Kirsti Fosland (Norway)

Angie Balfour (UK)

Valerie Addor (Switzerland)

Tom Wainwright (UK)