ERAS Implementation has officially been listed as a working directive in Patient Safety Goal for Taiwan 2022-2023

chris-jones June 21st

On February 9th of 2022, Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) announced “Taiwan Patient Safety Goals for 2022-2023”, with ERAS featuring in “Issue 3: Improving Surgical Safety”. The aim is to reduce post-operative complications, to ensure patient safety and enhanced recovery throughout the perioperative period, by incorporating evidenced-based approaches of ERAS, utilizing risk management strategies with multi-disciplinary team care.

The process of ERAS implementation is to be rolled out in phases, following the order of: “Establishment of clinical consensus”, “Building ERAS team”, and “ERAS Implementation in clinical practices”. It is recommended to approach the different phases with different strategies, which vary in team member compositions, phase objectives, patient enrollments, and suggested timeframes. The completion of three phases fulfills patient safety objectives, upon which an operational ERAS framework is created, with the successful model transferable to incorporate other types of surgeries as needed.

To facilitate effective ERAS implementation, Taiwan Chapter ERAS® Society, Global ERAS® Society and Taiwan MOHW will work together and spend more resources to assist different hospitals in Taiwan.

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