ERAS® Nursing and Allied Healthcare Research Group Survey

chris-jones May 4th

Dear colleagues

I am hoping you can participate in a brief survey that the ERAS® Nursing and Allied Healthcare Research Group have produced examining preoperative patient education.

What we are hoping to do is to identify key themes that ought to be covered during preoperative patient education so that patients are fully aware of ERAS and what their role is to enhance their own recovery i.e. preparing for surgery, early mobilisation etc. The ultimate aim is to produce a template for generic patient information that can be applied to all patients – all surgeries – all countries. This template would allow teams that are new to ERAS to benefit from an ERAS® Society produced document that can be adapted locally to suit the needs of the team.

Please can you spare a few moments completing the attached survey using the link below:

Once we have completed the survey, members of the ERAS Nursing and Allied Healthcare Research Group will review and collate the results.

I look forward to your comments and feedback.

Many thanks and best wishes from the ERAS® Society



Angie Balfour
Chair of ERAS® Society Nursing and Allied Healthcare research group
ERAS® Society