Mayo Clinic: Optimal Surgical Recovery Requires Teamwork

tom December 9th

The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, Optimal Surgical Recovery Requires Teamwork will be held on the Point Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, Phoenix, Arizona, on February 12-13 of 2016.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a multidisciplinary, multi-modal approach to perioperative care. Evidence-based data is employed to optimize the patient’s post-op recovery promoting early recovery while post-op complications and costs are reduced. This proactive approach is comprised of data-driven, well thought-out interventions: “Post-op recovery starts in pre-op.”

  • Starting with clearly defined preoperative preparation that involves the spectrum of health care team members, including the patient.
  • Intraoperative approaches that have the entire scope of the patient’s care in mind including post-op recovery – multimodality pain control, pre-emption of nausea, and fluid management to minimize post-op ileus.
  • Post-op order sets and team care that optimize patient recovery, convey the experience of accumulated knowledge and minimize complications and hospital stay.

We will provide evidence-based best practices from foremost international leaders. Discussion panels will allow attendees to pick the brains of teams who have successfully improved their patients’ outcomes, and then return to their institutions with a plan

For more information, please check the General Information & Program document, or visit their Website at this link.