A Guide to Bowel Surgery

The booklets are developed by the McGill University Health Centre Surgery Recovery Program and modified by the ERAS Society Nursing group to fit the ERAS Society guidelines of 2012/2013. We would like to recognize and thank the MUHC Patient Education Office for permission to use the booklets.

You are welcome to download the booklets and use them for free.


A Guide to Bowel SurgeryBowel Surgery Guide English

Bowel Surgery Guide Swedish

Bowel Surgery Guide French

It is possible to make local additions / changes in the booklet to fit in names, addresses, telephone numbers etc and to add your own logo, but it will not be allowed to make changes that differ from ERAS guidelines.

For copyright reasons, any changes must be done by the MUHC Patient Education Office and the expenses have to be paid by the local hospital ordering the change.

If you want to make additions / changes to the existing booklet, please send an email to The ERAS Society Office Manager Kristina Wikander (kristina.wikander@erassociety.org) and she will establish contact with MUHC.


Instructions for patients going for bowel surgery

Instructions for patients going for bowel surgery (colo-rectal)These comprehensive instructions from McGill University Health Centre cover pre-op visit, 1 day before surgery, day of surgery and days 1-3 after surgery.

English instructions for patients going for bowel surgery

French instructions for patients going for bowel surgery




Explaining the Enhanced Recovery Programme

Explaining the Enhanced Recovery ProgrammeThis booklet is to help you understand the St Mark’s Hospital Enhanced Recovery Programme and how you will play an active part in your recovery. Aspects of this care can vary from what you might expect. This programme is different to traditional care and can improve your recovery considerably. The booklet describes the steps in your journey of care through St. Mark’s until you are ready to go home, which is usually three to five days after your operation.

Explaining the Enhanced Recovery Programme



What is Enhanced Recovery after Surgery?

What is Enhanced Recovery after Surgery?A comprehensive introduction to the basic concepts of ERAS. Enhanced Recovery after Surgery or E.R.A.S. is a programme that helps you recover better after your operation. It aims to keep things as ‘normal’ as possible before your operation and get back to your normal self again as soon as possible after your surgery. There are several important ways that we do this that may differ from any previous operations you may have had.

What is ERAS?



Enhanced Recovery after Surgery patient diary

Enhanced recovery patient diaryThis diary will help chart your progress and will give you the opportunity to comment on how you are feeling during your stay in hospital. We would be grateful if you would take some time to complete this diary every day, as it will help you to reflect on how you are doing. It also gives us important feedback to improve your experience and enhance your recovery. We will be looking specifically at things such as: Moving around / pain and nausea / eating and drinking / How are you feeling?

Patient Diary



Information to patients and relatives

Information to patients and relativesHvidovre Hospital, Denmark