José Ramirez (Spain)

Professor José Ramírez qualified from the Zaragoza Medical School, did the Surgical Training at the University Hospital at the same time he performed the PhD that was accomplished with the highest qualifications in 1992.

In 1993, he was fellow at the Department of Colorectal Surgery in Oxford (UK) thanks to a grant from the Spanish National Health Service. In 1994 he did a fellowship in minimal invasive surgery at the Department of Surgery of Tubingen (Germany) granted by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst. In 1995 returned to Zaragoza as Consultant surgeon and started a clinical and research programme in minimal invasive surgery and colorectal surgery. He has published over 200 original papers and has participated as invited speaker in more than 100 scientific meetings. He created the Colorectal Unit at the Department of Surgery. Related to the University since 2001, he is the director of several International courses (Master in Coloproctology, Ultrasound for surgeons, rectal and anal ultrasound, Transanal endoscopic Microsurgery…) as well as the owner of different educational webs.
He is the leader, and principal researcher of the Research group in Perioperative Surgery, which is associated to the Aragon Institution for Research and development (IACS). He has been an active member of the steering Group of the Spanish Society of Coloproctology, and in 2007 founded the Spanish Group in Enhanced Recovery (GERM) holding up its leadership. Chairman of the educational committee of the ERAS® Society, was president of II World Congress in Valencia 2014. Recently has published the Spanish Guidelines on perioperative surgery supported by the Spanish National Health Ministry and is on charge of the Spanish ERAS® National implementation project.