ERAS for Lap Gastrectomy 

Abdikarim I, Cao XY, Li SZ, Zhao YQ, Taupyk Y, Wang Q. Enhanced recovery after surgery with laparoscopic radical gastrectomy for stomach carcinomas. World J Gastroenterol. 2015 Dec 21;21(47):13339-44.

What is already known:

The ERAS society guidelines were published in 2014 (link) but there have been limited studies published in this surgical speciality.

What this paper adds:

This is a Chinese unblinded randomised controlled trial in patients undergoing laparoscopic assisted gastrectomy surgery. A small reduction in LoS in ERAS group 6.8 (mean) days versus 7.7 days, with no difference in morbidity, mortality or readmissions. There were a number of limitations: No description on how they performed randomisation. Full ERAS protocol not published. ERAS group used epidural analgesia, but no mention on which type of analgesia the standard group used.

Chris Jones, Guildford.