Enhanced recovery after surgery for oncological craniotomies


ERAS for Neurosurgery

Hagan KB, Bhavsar S, Raza SM, Arnold B, Arunkumar R, Dang A, Gottumukkala V, Popat K, Pratt G, Rahlfs T, Cata JP. Enhanced recovery after surgery for oncological craniotomies. J Clin Neurosci. 2016 Feb;24:10-6.

What is already known:

The principles of ERAS have been applied to many new specialities over the recent years. One of the newest specialities is Neurosurgery. This group from the US explored how ERAS principles of ERAS could be applied to oncological craniotomies.

What this paper adds:

The authors should be congratulated for this interesting systematic review of the literature on ERAS for neurosurgery. They reviewed how each element could be applied to neurosurgery, including specific concepts such as scalp blocks and minimally invasive craniotomies. And whilst there is insufficient evidence at present for recommending a specific protocol it does support pursuing future research in this area.

Chris Jones, Guildford.

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