Partners and Supporters

The ERAS Society is a non for profit academic society registered in Sweden 2010. The ERAS Society works with a several partners to fulfill its missions of developing science, education but also working to implement best practice in surgical care world wide.

Encare AB: Encare AB maintains and markets the web based system; ERAS® Interactive Audit System (EIAS), an audit tool that helps maintain and improve adherence to ERAS guidelines. Encare also develops and manages the ERAS® Implementation Programs (EIP) through training partners, ERAS Center of Excellence hospitals and world-renowned ERAS key opinion leaders.

Qulturum is a partner for the development of the ERAS Implementation system. Qulturum is a center for development of improvement knowledge and innovation in healthcare in Jönköping County Council in the south of Sweden. Qulturum is government funded.

Swedish Surgical Society: The ERAS Society implementation program has been endorsed by the Swedish Surgical Society and the two societies work together towards introducing ERAS in Swedish hospitals.

Alberta Health Service: The ERAS Society is partnering with the Alberta Health Service, the Alberta State Health Service in Canada to implement ERAS.

MCI: For the science and education, the ERAS Society runs an international world congress where the scientific developments are presented and where education is given about Enhanced Recovery. This congress is run in partnership with MCI, a commercial company specializing in congress organization based in Geneva Switzerland.

PostopQRS™ (a CE Marked, Class 1 Medical Device) is an electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment (eCOA) tool that quantifies quality of patient recovery after all forms of surgery and/or anaesthesia.

The Enhanced Recovery After Cardiac Surgery (ERACS) Society has a mission to optimize perioperative care of cardiac surgical patients through collaborative discovery, analysis, expert consensus, and dissemination of best practices

Industrial Supporters

The ERAS Society has received grants to develop its mission by the following supporting companies:






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