Bariatric Surgery 

Although several of ERAS elements are routinely implemented in many centres, there is still room for improvement in peri-operative care of bariatric patients.

ERAS Society guidelines were therefore published in 2016 as a consensus statement by experts in the field and can be accessed here. The members of the group aim to further develop these recommendations at intervals to include new research and further topics of importance. Recently, an update of the ERAS Society guidelines were published and can be accessed here.

Expert Reviews


Anders Thorell

Professor of Surgery, Karolinska Institutet, and Consultant surgeon, Ersta Diakoni. Research topics Metabolism, mainly in relation to surgical stress. Muscle physiology, in particular glucose metabolism and the effects of…

Erik Stenberg

Erik Stenberg is currently working as a consultant surgeon at Örebro University Hospital and Lindesberg hospital in Sweden. He is also appointed associated Professor at Örebro University. He was…