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ERASSociety.org is an academic and research project developed by the ERAS® Society and it is compliant with Swedish and international laws. All users browsing the ERASSociety.org site should agree with the terms and conditions listed in this disclaimer.

Article 8 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union expressly recognises the fundamental right to the protection of personal data. Therefore, the suscription to the ERASSociety.org academic project will be directed under the following terms and conditions. All personal data provided during the registration process only will be used to send the ERASSociety.org newsletter and information related to online courses and the ERASSociety.org Website. No data will be transferred to third-parties, keeping all the information private.

Applicable copyright and industrial property regulations in multimedia creations, software, texts, articles, photos, registered trademarks, databases, and images of all kinds.

The name and domain ERASSociety.org and associated domains have been registered under Swedish law and according to the ICANN rules for domains. Any use of these domain names or links to the content shown in their pages should be authorized previously by means of a written agreement with the ERASSociety.org, which can be obtained contacting us at info@erassociety.org.


Intellectual property regulations subject to the provisions of article L. 122- 5. 2 and 3 a) of the European International Law for Intellectual Property only allow copies or reproductions that are strictly reserved for private use but not intended for collective use and analyses and short citations used as examples and illustrations, and state that any total or partial reproduction without prior authorization of the author and associates constitutes infringement (article L. 122-4). Such representation or reproduction by any means whatsoever would constitute an infringement of articles L. 335-2 and those that follow within the intellectual property regulations.

Advertising Policy and Partner Websites

Our website provides links towards partner’s Websites. Please note that we do not control the contents published on these partner’s Websites. Our Editorial and Scientific Editing and Steering Committee remains absolutely free, unbiased and independent of any marketing or advertising influence.

Multimedia Content

Pictures and videos

Pictures and videos showing individuals are used only for the purposes of illustration. In any video commentaries and documents published on ERASSociety.org , no data related to patient’s information is provided. In this sense, no personal information can be exposed when writing comments When you take part in forums and chats, please do not use any such identifying information when you discuss a case.

ERASSociety.org, and in certain cases its partners, are the holders of all intellectual or industrial property rights pertaining to the content of ERASSociety.org.

In particular, the illustrations are originals and the videos have been recorded specifically for use on ERASSociety.org. Some slides and content has been taken from public educational sites. In these cases, the source URL is provided if available. If you use any information on ERASSociety.org , you are required to obtain our prior written authorization before any distribution thereof. For such purpose, you are reminded that any indications pertaining to the existence of rights may not be deleted, and that any total or partial reproduction without authorization constitutes infringement.

In addition, you are prohibited from any substantial qualitative or quantitative extraction of ERASSociety.org databases, or from using the databases in an abnormal context.

Regulations on the automated processing of personal data

Public policy regulations, such as those pertaining to any pornographic, racist or unlawful content that may be harmful to another Internet user or may undermine the brand image of ERASSociety.org, by means of provocative messages, texts or images.

Regulations pertaining to the privacy of individuals, whether Internet users connected to ERASSociety.org or third parties

On such basis you undertake not to send, via the interactive services offered to you, any messages of an insulting, offensive, denigrating or degrading nature or messages that are unrelated to the issues raised.

Regulations pertaining to the rights of the press

On such basis you shall refrain from any defamation or insults against online Internet users or third parties.

Regulations pertaining to computer fraud

On such basis you shall refrain from any hacking of an automated data processing system or from any partial or total alteration of the elements therein. You are hereby informed that anyone committing such acts may be prosecuted.

More specifically, in the context of the interactive services, ERASSociety.org reserves the right to delete content of any kind whatsoever, immediately and without prior notice, and especially any message, photograph or graphics that may violate applicable laws and regulations and especially those regulations mentioned hereinabove.


Information about the ERAS® Trademark

ERAS® stands for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery and is used for a process of perioperative care. The ERAS® Society is a non for profit medical society active in all parts of the world. The ERAS® Society has gathered world expertize to produce, publish and update Guidelines for evidence based perioperative care for a growing number of surgeries in different surgical disciplines. These Guidelines forms the basis for training programs helping units worldwide to implement the ERAS® Society guidelines, the ERAS® Implementation Programs. As part of these programs an interactive IT system is used, the ERAS® Interactive Audit System.

The ERAS® Society holds the exclusive Trademark rights for the word ERAS® and for the logos and for computer programs, education and instruction services, education and instruction material, scientific and technological services, medical research services, and design and development of computer hardware and software. For these services we guarantee the quality and for units trained in these programs and using our systems we give the ERAS® Society certification/diploma that are updated on a regular basis.

The ERAS® Society and its partners happy to help any organisation to implement ERAS® by offering our services via Encare AB (www.erassociety.org) Any use of the word of ERAS® must be accompanied by the Registered Trademark symbol ®. As such the wordmark ERAS® can be used. Anyone using the word ERAS® does not mean that the ERAS® Society approved these programs, systems, materials or events. Only direct collaborations with the ERAS® Society or its national affiliates or partners may use the ERAS® Trademark along with the ERAS® Society logo for any systems or events and the use of the Logo alongside ERAS® serves as the sign of full approval by the ERAS® Society.

Full PDF detailing Information about the ERAS® Trademark available here

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