The ERAS®Society is a not for profit Society registered in Sweden in 2010. Until now the Society has served as a fast growing network of health care professionals and other health care stakeholders across the world. The following types of memberships that are available in the Society and the rules around membership are described below (from the Constitution of the ERAS®Society).

If you fulfil the critera for membership below, you are welcome to apply by filling in the profile application from. Applications are reviewed on a regular basis by the Treasurer, and you receiving an email from the Society is the sign that your application has been approved. Until now, there has been no membership fee associated with the membership, but this is likely to change to a small fee as outlined below in the exempts from the Constitution. If such a change occurs all members will be notified of the change and the benefits of being a paying member of the Society.

Section 5

(a) Founding members are: Cornelius Dejong, Kenneth CH Fearon, Olle Ljungqvist, Arthur Revhaug, and Maarten von Meyenfeldt.

(b) Honorary Member. Honorary membership may be conferred upon any person proposed by any member to the Executive committee for decision.

(c) Active Member. An Active Member is an individual working in health care and/or in research, and who has indicated an interest to join the Society. Members may be charged an annual fee. An Active Member is entitled to vote at the General Assembly.

(d) Supporting Member. A Supporting Member can be a Company, Trust, Organisation or Foundation making substantial contributions to help achieve the aims of the Society. Supporting Members are not entitled to vote or stand for election to the Executive Committee.

Section 6

Approval of Memberships. Candidates apply for membership by completing an application form for submission to the Treasurer. Except in case of opposition by the majority of the Executive Committee, any individual who is approved becomes an Active Member of the Society for that year. Active members will be entitled to access the ERAS website, and to apply for ERAS Research Fellowships. If the Executive Committee decides to charge an annual membership fee, the Active Members will have to pay annually at a date set by the Executive Committee in order to remain active.

Section 7

Termination of Membership. Membership may be terminated by resignation, which must be notified in writing to the Treasurer

If a membership fee is required, Members, who have not paid before the date set by the Executive Committee will be considered to have resigned.
The Executive Committee may terminate membership at their discretion.
Section 8

Membership Fee

(a) All members of the Society except Honorary Members shall pay an annual membership fee if required by the Executive Committee.

(b) Fees will be decided upon by the Executive Committee. All members who have not paid their membership fee by the date set by the Executive Committee will cease to benefit from the right of full membership of the Society.


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