New Textbook – Analgesia in Major Abdominal Surgery

A new textbook edited by Prof Michael Scott and Dr Anton Krige presents the current evidence in an Enhanced Recovery Programme context, and provides a common sense approach to using the array of available analgesia techniques appropriately in major abdominal surgery. Current pain relief options are discussed, many of which have been described only in the last ten years. Topics covered range from the now widespread use of portable ultrasound machines to an appreciation of the value of some older drugs in a new context. Analgesia for Major Abdominal Surgery is aimed at anesthetists, acute pain teams, and acute pain nurses, as well as colorectal, hepatobiliary, urological and gynecological surgeons.

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ERAS in Mexico

Last August 11th, 2018 we received at the National Cancer Institute, Mexico, Dr. Adrián Álvarez and Nurse Gabriela Sánchez from Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires. The objective was to start our training to implement ERAS in our Digestive Tract Tumors Department.  We counted with the presence of the Associate Medical General Director of our Institution, Dr. Ángel Herrera Gómez, and Vice-Director of Surgery, Dr. Aarón González Enciso.

For the implementation of this program we created a team in each area that this program will be implemented, the Colorectal team, coordinated by the Head of the Department, Dr. Horacio López Basave and the Pancreatic surgery team coordinated by Dr. Javier Melchor Ruan.  With a total of 20 attendants the training started in the morning discussing the goals of the ERAS program and stating which is the necessary process for its implementation. Doubts about how to manage changes in the perioperative process of the patient were clarified and each team set its short- term goals. We had the first contact with EIAS system and we defined activities for the first two months.

With great enthusiasm we started our training counting with the active presence of Nurse Mariana Perales; authorities of the Nurse Department of the Institution as well as representatives of the Anesthesia and Nutrition Departments, associate physicians and residents.

Dr. Javier Melchor Ruan- ERAS INCAN Program Coordinator

Top Row – left to right: Crisenry Brito Baños- Anesthesiologist, Luis Cuellar- Head of Anesthesia Department, Abraham Fabela- Anesthesiologist, Luis Orozco Rosas- Surgery resident, Maura Judith Tomas- Anesthesiologist, Sergio Aguilar- Oncologic Surgery resident, Gerardo Miranda: Pancreatic Associate surgeon, Aarón González Enciso: Surgery Vice Director, Javier Melchor : ERAS Program Coordinator, Itzel Vela Sarmiento: Associate Colorectal Surgeon, Mariana Perales: ERAS Program Nurse Coordinator, María Josefina, Flores: Nutritionist, Anabel Labana – Nutritionist, Alberto León : Associate Colorectal Surgeon
Bottom row – left to right: Emma Ávila García: Surgery Nurse Supervisor, Inés Mendoza Santos: Head Nurse, National Cancer Institute, Horacio López Basave: Head of Digestive Tract Tumor Department, Adrián Álvarez, Juan Manuel Ruiz: Surgical Coordinator, Erika Gonzalez Soriano: Surgery Head Nurse






The Reporting on ERAS Compliance, Outcomes, and Elements Research (RECOvER) Checklist: A Joint Statement by the ERAS® and ERAS® USA Societies


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Elias KM, Stone AB, McGinigle K, Tankou JI, Scott MJ, Fawcett WJ, Demartines N, Lobo DN, Ljungqvist O, UrmanRD; ERAS® Society  and ERAS® USA (2018) The Reporting on ERAS Compliance, Outcomes, and Elements Research (RECOvER) Checklist: A Joint Statement by the ERAS® and ERAS® USA Societies. World J Surg. 2018 Aug 16. doi: 10.1007/s00268-018-4753-0. 

“The RECOvER Checklist is intended to provide a standardized framework for the reporting of ERAS related studies. The checklist can also assist reviewers in evaluating the quality of ERAS-related manuscripts. Authors are encouraged to include the RECOvER Checklist when submitting ERAS-related studies to peer-reviewed journals.”

8th ERAS UK Conference, 16th November 2018, Heathrow Airport, London, UK.

This year ERAS UK are arranging this conference in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and will be focussing on the optimisation of treatment and recovery, throughout a cancer patient’s journey.




At the end of this event, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the impact of prehabilitation on the treatment of cancer patients
  • Discuss the new developments in anaesthesia and perioperative care for cancer patients
  • Explain the innovative approaches used for prehabilitation in primary care
  • Debate the challenges for prehabilitation of cancer patients within the regulated waiting times
  • Consider the recent innovations in ERAS practice across the UK
  • Describe the current best practice for optimising patient condition through palliative chemotherapy
  • Reflect on the various models of prehabilitation that exist at different centres in the UK
  • Explain the links between prehabilitation and cancer commissioning priorities

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1st World Congress on Enhanced Recovery After Surgery in Pediatrics

The 1st World Congress on Enhanced Recovery After Surgery in Pediatrics, will be held on November 30 – December 1, 2018, at the McGlothlin Medical Education Center, 1200 East Marshall Street, Richmond, Virginia, United States of America.

This inaugural event will bring together experts in surgery, anesthesia and medicine to discuss the pediatric-specific implications of developing an enhanced recovery after surgery program. A full one and a half days are devoted to lectures and discussions related to current pediatric ERAS programs and will provide a platform for collaboration on future projects related to ERAS outcomes around the world.

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Podcast – What’s the relationship between Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) and Prehabilitation?

In this podcast, Prof Mike Grocott, interviews guests;

Olle Ljungqvist, Prof. of Surgery, MD, PhD, Surgeon, Örebro University Hospital & Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Franco Carli, Prof. MD, PhD, Anesthesiologist, McGill University, Canada.

They discuss the relationship between Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) and Prehabilitation, and their highlights of the recent prehabilitation conference in Eindhoven.

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World Journal of Surgery is now the official publication of the ERAS Society

The ERAS Society is delighted to announce that the World Journal of Surgery (WJS) has become the official journal for society.  This new relationship, and the mission of the ERAS Society very much fits the mission of the WJS, which is to promote innovation and discovery that helps to improve patient outcomes on the international stage.

Sosa, J.A. & Ljungqvist, O. World J Surg (2018).

Professor Kenneth Fearon Memorial Cancer Cachexia Symposium

On the 6-7th September 2018, the Professor Kenneth Fearon Memorial Cancer Cachexia Symposium will be held at Edinburgh University. As well as being a pioneer in the field of ERAS, Prof Fearon was as a leading light in the field of cancer cachexia, with over 170 peer-reviewed publications focused on the topic.

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New delphi study from ERAS experts – a consensus on training and implementation of ERAS

Congratulations to Prof Nader Francis and colleagues on their recently published Delphi study looking to provide a consensus on training and implementation of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. Effective ERAS training courses must cover the evidence-based principles of ERAS with team-oriented training, and successful implementation of ERAS requires strong leadership, an ERAS facilitator and an effective MDT.

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