Pat Trudeau (Canada)

Registered Nurse

Pat Trudeau is a Registered Nurse working with the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERASAlberta) Provincial Coordination Team under the Surgery Strategic Clinical Network™ for Alberta Health Services in Alberta, Canada.

She has practiced for over 30 years as a front-line provider, educator and manager. Pat has significant experience in post-surgical care including Neurosurgery and Trauma, with 16 years specialized in Gynecologic Oncology and Gynecology. She is a Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner. Pat has experience working within multi-pathways and considers her leadership for the implementation and sustainment of the ERAS® care pathways for Gynecologic Oncology and Gynecology to be her most significant contribution. She is currently working with the team roll-out to the HIPEC patient population. Pat’s concern for the patient experience guides this quality improvement work, always coaching to ensure that care is delivered safely, skillfully and compassionately