Professor Andy Klein (UK)

Andrew Klein is a Cardiothoracic Anaesthetist at Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge, UK.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of Anaesthesia and is on the Board and Council of the Association of Anaesthetists, the membership organisation for > 11,000 anaesthetists in Great Britain and Ireland. He sits on the Board and Council of the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA), which manages research grant funding in the UK and is also a member of the research committee for the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA). Andrew’s main research area is pre-operative anaemia and the effects of iron replacement therapy. Andrew is a keen cricket supporter and member of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) at Lord’s in London, and a lifelong and long-suffering West Ham United Football Club season ticket holder.


Richards T, Baikady RR, Clevenger B ….. and Klein AA. Preoperative intravenous iron to treat anaemia before major abdominal surgery (PREVENTT): a randomised, double-blind, controlled trial. The Lancet. 2020;396:1353-61