The ERAS® Society Saturday Webinar Series








Moderators: Professor Dileep Lobo & Dr Hans de Boer


Speaker Title
10 mins Professor Olle Ljungqvist (SE) The role of ERAS® during the pandemic
10 mins Professor Tim Rockall (UK) Minimally invasive colorectal surgery and COVID-19
10 mins Professor Mike Scott (USA) How safe is Surgery during COVID-19?
10 mins Mr Matt Perry (UK) Practical delivery of ERAS® during a pandemic
10 mins Angie Balfour RN (UK)

Valerie Addor RN (CH)

Surgical Nursing during COVID-19
5 mins Dr Kwang Yeong How (SIN) COVID-19 – perspective from Asia
5 mins Professor Nicolas Demartines (CH) COVID-19 – perspective from Europe
5 mins Dr Ravi Oodit (RSA) COVID-19 – perspective from South Africa
5 mins Professor Gregg Nelson (CAN) COVID-19 – perspective from North America
5 mins Professor Adrian Alvarez (ARG) COVID-19  – perspective from Latam
20 mins Q&As. Panel

4-5  members of ERAS Executive  Committee

Discussion among speakers and Dileep Lobo, (UK) Hans de Boer (NL), Ulf Gustafsson (SE), Chris Jones (UK), Bill Fawcett (UK)

Speaker Biographies


The impact of COVID-19 continues to affect us all.

As a global society, we are committed to providing high quality education at a time when face to face meetings are not possible. In addition, when major elective surgery restarts, ERAS® principles will be more important than ever to ensure high quality, value-based care, with low complication rates.

This webinar – the first in a series of Saturday webinars scheduled for 2021 – will focus on how we provide the best in perioperative care during the pandemic, by a number of World Experts.  

We are very grateful to all our faculty, our friends at 3M who have provided sponsorship for the meeting and our event organisers at Goose.


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