ERAS Congress 2018 – Nursing & AHP break-out session

Calling all nurses and AHPs! 

We are now finalising the programme for the ERAS Congress next year so I am looking for suggestions from you about what we could discuss during the Nursing & AHP break-out session.

Normally – we invite a few speakers to share their ERAS experiences and normally include a patient perspective during the hour-long session. 

We are also looking for volunteers who wish to share their ERAS story with us ? I would ideally like to get AHP’s involved in this meeting so I need some physiotherapists/ dieticians and other specialists to contribute.

Please let me know if you have any topics in mind and/ or if you want to share your ERAS experiences with the group.

Many thanks

Angie Balfour, ERAS Society Nurse and AHP Lead