The ERAS Society Executive Committee is expanding

tom February 8th

The ERAS Society Executive Committee is introducing a new position: Chairman of the ERAS Implementation Program. This is a fast growing program already available in leading institutions in more than 25 countries on every continent around the world. This is one of the most important missions of the Society, supporting the use of updated evidence based perioperative care giving important improvements in outcomes for an ever growing number of patients worldwide. This program will be further strengthened by the institution of a special group working specifically on issues related to implementation and that is represented at the core of the Society.


Professor Nicolas Demartines and his team from CHUV in Lausanne has world leading experiences in implementation of ERAS around the world, and the Society is very pleased to have him lead this key mission by taking on the position as Chairman of the ERAS Implementation Program. As Professor Demartines is taking on this new position, he leaves the post of Treasurer for the Society where he has successfully served for several years and on behalf of the Society I thank him for his excellent, devoted and loyal service to the Society in this position and wish him luck on the new mission.


New Treasurer: Hans de Boer, MD PhD, Consultant Anesthesiologist and Pain specialist from the Martini General Hospital Groningen, The Netherlands is appointed Treasurer of the ERAS Society. Dr de Boer has a long standing academic interest in muscle relaxation during anesthesia and surgery and has published award winning work in this field. He has lead his team in Groningen to a very successful implementation of ERAS and is currently the lead of an ERAS Center of Excellence. He has many years of experience from involvements in different medical societies both nationally and internationally and it is with great pleasure we welcome him to join the ERAS Society Executive Committee in this important position.


Olle Ljungqvist

Chairman ERAS Society Executive Committee