ERAS for robotic assisted radical cystectomy surgery


ERAS for robotic assisted radical cystectomy surgery

Collins JW, Adding C, Hosseini A, Nyberg T, Pini G, Dey L, Wiklund PN. Introducing an enhanced recovery programme to an established totally intracorporeal robot-assisted radical cystectomy service. Scand J Urol. 2016;50(1):39-46.

What is already known:

Radical cystectomy is a high risk procedure, with high morbidity and high readmission rates. The ERAS society have previously published guidelines for this procedure (link).

What this paper adds:

The authors from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden describe the effects of starting a comprehensive ERAS programme in an already established centre for robotic assisted radical cystectomy. Despite the average age and ASA grade increasing they still showed a small but statistically significant reduction in length of stay (9 to 8 days), however there was no difference in 30 day complication or readmission rates.

Chris Jones, Guildford.


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