Professor Tom Wainwright (UK)

Tom Wainwright is Professor in Orthopaedics at Bournemouth University, and a Research Physiotherapist at University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust.   He is a physiotherapist, clinical academic, and quality improvement specialist internationally recognised for his work on Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) protocols within orthopaedics. Tom graduated as a physiotherapist from Coventry University with a first […]

Valérie Addor (Switzerland)

Valérie Addor works at the Department for Visceral Surgery at the University Hospital CHUV in Lausanne, Switzerland. She has been involved in ERAS® since 2011. As an ERAS dedicated nurse and coach, her main interests are multidisciplinary work and nursing workload. She has trained nearly 60 teams from different specialities, in Europe, Latin America, USA […]

Ms Angie Balfour (UK)

Angie Balfour has been involved in ERAS® for over 15 years as the lead ERAS Nurse and Senior Research Nurse in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is also the chair of the ERAS® Nursing & AHP section of the ERAS® Society. Her main interests include education and training both for staff but also for patients about the […]